DJ Michelle Sinclair


My girl DJ Lady Sinclair has been a DJ for as long as I’ve known her.  She was gifted her turntables when she was 18-years-old. She put me on to everything hip-hop, soul, and funk. Back in college in San Francisco we would have “homework sessions” where we sprawled on the floor of her living room or bedroom about five ladies deep and do schoolwork, drink peppermint tea with honey, sometimes talk about boys, and Mel would cut from one record to the next. I recieved an education two-fold. Those were some real good times…

Today she is an accomplished DJ spinning back in her hometown of LALA land. She grew up with the likes of DJ Am and other LA music heavy-hitters. Check out her rocking radio show on Little Radio every Thursday. She drops eclectic but always good and super relevent. Trust your ears.

See her site.



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2 responses to “DJ Michelle Sinclair

  1. Michele

    Those were good times.

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