Because I am still trying to process this great movie, I have nothing but emotional things to say about it. It is very much in line with my emotional intelligence, ripe with melo-drama, and a vexing sense of self. Each character flickers in intense sentiment, each character staggers in individualism. It’s the burning that only family can bestow on each other. The gritty sense of self alone and within a heigharchy of family. What has come before, what mistakes bleed from one life to the next.

The concrete aspects of the film are : It is shot in black and white with color flashbacks. Super noir super crisp and beautiful. The story takes place in Buenos Aires and the camera loves the city and natural landscape equally. The camera shifts from internal moments between characters to more verbose shots of Argentina cityscapes.

I personally can rattle on about this film as it left me with such a feeling of loss and grace. Things that I am sure of. The young actor Alden Ehrenreich is gorgeous. Maribel Verdu, of Y Tu Mama Tambien, is beautiful and patient throughout. The use of prose and poetry in film was inspiring. It felt like a huge nod to everything Almodovar has always done and for that it earns gold stars in my books.


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