D.S. & Durga


For the last three months I have been dedicated to my D.S. & Durga scent, wearing it religously and to much praise from my circle of friends. I won’t tell you my scent because a lady must stay mysterious but I was drawn to it by my childhood nostalgia around paper whites. The strong and sticky scent of the white buds in the winter reeled me in. And there are other notes, again drawing from childhood memories of hardwood floors in San Francisco and sandalwood incence of hippie enclaves…

So I was so thrilled to actually learn who was behind the creation of the scents from a recent interview in Refinery 29. Take in the great photos of the couple: yellow chairs, a pair no less, a stack of books. These people are definitely after my own heart…

Excerpt from the interview:

What helps to inspire your scents?
Durga: “Herb books, locations, music, outdated wisdom, recipes, old medicine, and childhood. Memory is the most essential thing to making a scent—as you must remember the impression something has left upon you even if you are using your imagination.”

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