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In journalism school, we poured through Gal Talese’s “New Journalism” or literary journalism features. His articles on Frank Sinatra and Joe Dimaggio were exquisite examples of scene, dialogue, and portraiture. So a few years back when I was working as assistant managing editor at Harry N. Abram’s books, we had just published New York 365 Days with an intro by Talese.  I was asked to host him for the day so that he could sign books for a special event. I was honored and petrified to be in the presence of such a literary giant and all-together daber gentleman. But gentleman he was to the end. It is one of those great NY moments. You study someone great and then you have the honor of meeting them… It was my pleasure indeed.

NY Mag published a fascinating article about Talese and his wife titled “Nonfiction Marriage: After the massage parlors, after the affair, after the scandalous book that nearly broke up his family, Gay Talese is writing a new opus—about his relationship with his wife.” 

How amazing is this portait of Gay and Nan by Mary Ellen Mark for NY Mag.



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