Tessa Rumsey


I just got this collection of poetry in the mail today. So very excited to embark on a new journey with Tessa Rumsey in The Return Message. My heart, my head, my hand all need some new energy.  And how beautiful is the cover art by Walton Ford. Eoethen, 2001.

June Inside You

Oh, how like a clock the lover lost its pale face and colored.
Numbers the longer you looked at it, until each phantom.
Tick of its innermost mechanism heralded possession.
And the mercurial sensation that something was slipping.
Away from you, until what once was your seduction device.
For measuring time had now become your myth: Abandonment.
To lead you, said the clock, said the lover, we must leave you.
And when there was no hope, when the wild horse watched you.
From the death field, you stood, frozen and alone, the black.
Willows ticking, this is your failure. Stop. This is your blossoming.



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2 responses to “Tessa Rumsey

  1. so…did TR blow your mind? still haunting it? thought so. 😉

    • pairsofchairs

      Amanda, Tessa’s work did blow my mind. How did you work through it and how did you come to her work in the first place? I love poetry dialogues!

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