In the summer of 2001, I flew to Barcelona to meet my family and was then headed to southern Italy to meet up a with girlfriend. I had little else planned except that I had a month and a half to myself to explore Europe. On the stalled and packed train from Barcelona to Milan, I meet Australian sisters and we became fast friends. And when I say friends we became more like sisters in a matter of hours. They got off the train in Milan and I was headed to Tropea. I invited them to meet me for some time on the beach. A few days later, they came and Tropea was our own personal playground.

Let me explain a few things to you. The Luther sisters are gorgeous and talented. One is a soprano and one is a professional ballerina. The three of us used our charm and talents to make the most of every situation. Saira sang in public squares and Italian men swooned and offered us dinners, and rides, and wine, and anything you could think of. And Miss Rani has an infectious smile and immense sense of humor and the trattoria owners would send over limoncello or grapa for all our beauty and laughter.

We sunned topless on the beaches and swam in the clear waters of Tropea.  We ate well. We drank well.

From Tropea we headed back up to Den Haag where Rani lived and danced for the Netherlands Dance Theater and Saira and I continued on to Paris and London.

I don’t think I have laughed so hard or enjoyed life so fully as I did that summer. One thing that I am grateful for is the tight bond of friendship that travel can solidify. Half way across the world you can meet people who really matter and make life more powerful and passionate. The Luther sisters were a fantastic gift and that summer journey will forever be etched in my heart.


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