Art Exhibits on my mind


TwoHeadsAtOnce_542Yinka Shonibare at the Brooklyn Museum
June 26–September 20, 2009
Shonibare’s artwork explores contemporary African identity and its relationship to European colonialism through painting, sculpture, installation, and moving image. Shonibare is best known for his work with visual symbols, especially the richly patterned Dutch wax fabric produced in Europe for a West African market that he uses in a wide range of applications.



Roman Ondák. Measuring the Universe at MoMA
June 24–September 14
Measuring the Universe turns the domestic custom of recording children’s heights on door frames into a public event, referring through its title to humankind’s age-old desire to gauge the scale of the world.


anastasiaphoto_carlos-jimenez-cahua_3Carlos Jiménez Cahua at Anastasia Photo, 166 Orchard St. 
June 19-August 15
The  exhibition features 10 large-format pictures of thepueblos jóvenes, the squatter settlements  around Lima, Peru, their formal compositions and faded earth tones contrasted against the chaos of the subject matter. Carlos Jiménez Cahua is a young (b. 1986) limeño with a degree in visual arts from Princeton University.


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