To Die No More


When my godfather died earlier this year I didnt know how to process the grief or his death. I walked around aimlessly and lingered in bed longer than usual. One day, at the New Museum, I happened upon this book, To Die No More  a beautiful and rich collection of poetry and art by Kristofer Minta and Herbert Pfostl.  I took it as a sign and held it as a key to access that grief and come to terms with the death. When I went to purchase the book, the cashier asked if I wanted it signed as the artist/writer was the museumstore buyer and was actually in the building.
I thought it was an important function to meet the writer/creator who was going to help me in the grieving process…

Blind Pony Books, the collective publisher of the book describes the book in this lovely fortunate way: To Die No More is an artist’s book about the marvelous embroideries of death taken from many sources both known and long forgotten. 170 fragments – from Aries to Wittgenstein – collected and edited by Herbert Pfostl and Kristofor Minta with splinters by Kristofor Mintaruins, appropriated by James Walsh, and small paintings of shipwrecks, animals, and ashes by Herbert Pfostl. Made with great care and sober like a good dream. Dedicated to the deeply dead and the truly living.

Culled from the Blind Pony blog:

Death makes no sense 
except to people who have passionately loved life.
– Cioran


RIP Peter, Jasper, and Dash.


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