On the Way to Language



My collaborator in all things photo and text, Luke Abiol, emailed me these images from the 60s as inspiration for our Landmark project. He wrote “pictures and text should always be this dope.” I agree. There is something so everlasting and vast in these spreads.

It also reminded me of an intense conversation my mother and I had over poetics and language. She is reading Martin Heidegger’s On the Way to Language for one of her PhD courses. He is famous for his quote “Language is the House of Being.”

Let see if this rings true for you, another Heideger quote…

“We human beings, in order to be who we are, remain within the essence of language to which we have been granted entry.  We can therefore never step outside it in order to look it over circumspectly from some alternative position.  Because of this, we catch a glimpse of the essence of language only to the extent that we ourselves are envisaged by it, remanded to it.  That we cannot know the essence of language – according to the traditional concept of knowledge, defined in terms of cognition as representation – is certainly not a defect; it is rather the advantage by which we advance to an exceptional realm, the realm in which we dwell as the mortals, those who are needed and used for the speaking of language.”


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