Summer Ending by MGV

We thought that we had arrived

The destination a date in fall

A summer ending in bright beaches, bodies,

Bare nights and white pillows

A backdrop to seduction in late night discussions

Back to back nestled in …

An idea of partnering, pairing

Becomes exotic a reaching point

An arc in a story

It finally arrives and with it doubt

The unraveling and unprepared

The risk of putting it on owning it

Then not being ready for it.

We shall see

We shall feel

And we do

Continue on

Through worded talks

Blue walls, busy sidewalks, office emails

The daily organization of life and then the idea

The pop-up store, the well-curated love

Carefully planned, photographed, a perfect pair

Sellable, palatable, people buy it.

It looks good it works

Oh but the work

No more easy distribution no more easy time

We come to the sidewalk, bare and twisted

The countdown the inevitable

The sun rises and sets, this sentence and a period

One foot in front of the other

Sure we are on a journey but we don’t want to make it


It’s easy and it’s difficult.

It’s burdened by desire. Burdened by the idea of polished and perfect and momentous.

It is momentous.

We have decided.



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3 responses to “Summer Ending by MGV

  1. oh “well curated love”. sigh. love that nugget.

  2. BD

    empathy. love this!

  3. lindaeemo

    LOVE this marina. ugh. my heart feels it. here’s my favorite…
    “The risk of putting it on owning it”

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