Broken Embraces

I had been waiting to post about Pedro Almodovar’s newest film Broken Embraces or Los Abrazos Rotos. The Spanish version seems to sum up the totality and romantic danger of the film’s storyline. After reading New York Magazine’s review as well as a slew of others, I decided to ignore what everyone else said about the film. This included friend’s accounts.

As a writer, I tend to follow the story in terms of symbolism within the whole movie. There are key moments that were so valuable to the film’s depth: the lover’s (Penelope Cruz and Lluis Homar) hide away location in the far-away Islas Canarias as a symbol of death and finality. Love left barren. The colorful drama within the set designs and how they alluded to what was going on with the emotion of the characters. The idea of persona and layered personalities with the change of names, wigs, and with the unfolding personal histories. In true Almodovar style, he leaves his audience grabbing for lush sexuality in the sheer beauty of Cruz but holds  rich profound messages of the human spirit and desire for passion and recognition within the layered father and son characters of the film. Hence Almodovar’s Deseo productions in every film he makes…


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