Valentines aka being thoughtful towards that special someone

In the last few days I have found myself on the phone with a handful of male friends who have been all too forgetful or lax about the approaching Valentine’s day. Sure we critical thinkers and intellectual folk understand that this is a marketing ploy, a commercial holiday, and even a Catholic saint stronghold. Nonetheless, I am a huge proponent of… love, of sharing, of declaration, of PDA, of romance, of lust, of desire, of expression…

handwrite it with a card from Yellow Owl Workshop.

For my Danger Bunny, a collectible 1979 Taylor & Ng mug on ebay.

forever falling snow.
And quickly this dreamer wept: and so
she quickly dreamed a dream of spring
– how you and i are blossoming

a stanza from e.e. cummings or a poem by Pablo.

Literary passions can be passed through thoughtful inscriptions in the front matter of books or the dedication of films even…


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