Davide Zucco aka Rekal

I love where I live because I get to meet random interesting people. Last night while seated next to my friend the photographer Ale Zuek at Max Fish he insisted that I get to know his friend Davide’s work.  We got the pens out and exchanged info. So happy I did. Davide’s work is folk magic. A cross between Neckface’s heavy metal tendencies and Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights“.  (And I can wonder at “The Garden” in Madrid’s Del Prado museum for hours….) It is said that Davide’s art is ” a battleground of oppsition: good and evil, life and death, light and shade, wonderful and terrifying.”  I like his creatures, the existence of green grass and nature in complex and colorful chaos. The pieces seem to consider indigenous knowledge, karmic energy, and human interaction between plant and animal kingdom. In “Bleeding” we reckon our own ideas of what bleeding is. Is it blood drawing, spirit spilling, or imagination off the page? It is all a lush exploration.


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