Salvor Projects

Last night marked the first night of Fashion Week. I went to support my friend Max Feuer as he helped produce Elettroilluminati by Salvor Projects. They won this year’s Ecco Domani’s Rising Design Star grant in women’s design. The presentation was stellar: girls rigged in suspended sex chairs wearing hyper print clothing from Salvor. The hanging chairs housed small flashlights that illuminated the models and the clothing, all the while textured projections of streetscenes, spacescapes, and skin adventures flashed in the background. The music loop was rich and eerie and perfectly matched the highbrow aesthetic behind Elettroilluminati. Once they post pictures, I’ll be sure to add some. Congrats to my little Max, he is a design maven in the making. He is the kind of artistic force you want on your team. He is the guy you will be reading about in five years.

Found this awesome bio on Ross:

Ross Menuez founded Salvor Projects in 2003. Early projects included commissioned pieces for Bruce Weber, Mariko Mori and a costume for Bjork. The line is currently sold at Maxfield and Barneys in LA, Dover Street Market in London, Isetan in Tokyo, Maria Luisa in Paris and Space Mue in Seoul. Prior to founding Salvor Projects, he worked in offices in Europe, the United States and Japan after an early career that included running a metal shop, being a bike messenger, building houses for the Sandinistas during the Reagan era, tagging subways and attempting to build an airplane while in high school.


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