Happy Birthday Boo!

My sister in crime Ms. Hatfield celebrates one more year of life. We have traveled from San Jose to Hue to Cuba and Mexico. We have lived through hip hop and skaters in SF. We have survived high school and teen angst in San Jose. From a young age we found ourselves in coffee shops wearing flannels and our uniforms. We made dates to watch foreign films and commiserated about being first generation single babies of our single mothers. We enriched each other’s lives by bartering Vietnamese and Mexican tendencies. Now you can’t tell who eats pho and who craves burritos. Equally, we swapped music: R&B for indie rock. We are same, same and different but we are sisters now. We grow we change we keep secrets we make new ones. In each other we find our whole selves reflected, in each other we have a player partner, in each other true selves remain.


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  1. Michele

    This was perfect the gift! I love it so, so much. You are my sister and carrier of my passion when I am lacking inspiration. I love you!

    Buom Buom y Mariposa

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