La isla bonita

Off to Puerto Rico this weekend to fill myself up with tacos and margaritas. Yes, I know, Mexican food in PR but hey it’s right in my hotel. I am looking forward to getting some creative work done: editing my rolfer’s website and developing a launch for my pretty friend’s gallery. Yes. This is my idea of vacation. Ample beach time partnered with ample work time married with margaritas at sunset.



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3 responses to “La isla bonita

  1. You’re just living up to the MNTC motto, que no? Working hard to play hard.

    Can you send us envious folk some photos of margaritas and tacos? Buen viaje!

    • pairsofchairs

      Ha! Yes. I am here in PR, doing work while facing the beach. It is lovely to get out of NYC, jump in the ocean and then do some creative brainstorming, develop a contract of services over margaritas and then do some midnight swimming. There is work getting done just not in a 9-5 setting.
      Pictures of tacos and margaritas will be posted on

  2. Um, Korean BBQ tacos are some goddamn sexy tacos. The closest body of water to me, I think, is currently under siege by sludge. Thanks for making me jealous, comadre.

    :hunkers down in his chair to mope:

    Midnight swimming sounds awesome! Watch out for nosy jellyfish.

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