Keeping sight of personal goals

Last night, I watched the documentry My Architect by Nathaniel Kahn. It brought to mind the genius and shortcomings of his architect father, a person who was both psychologically present and extremely physically vacant from Nathaniel’s life. The film is a journey in self discovery. It grapples with the life of an artist. It brings to mind that we all have our paths to construct. And once you develop this strong sense of the self, your own truth may unfold in various stages of your life. The process of creation is ongoing, constant. And we create versions of ourselves through these independent journeys…
I am relieved by this thoughtscape. I am relieved by the idea that one’s dreams and journey continues to develop through life and can even continue after one’s death and even better, in the hearts of those you love. So…Keep me with you. As a writer I am constantly creating, but my form and presence is form-shifting. Stay with me. I will need your eyes and your ears.


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