In Memory of Akilah Nayo Oliver



often now when i imagine life i think of what should

be finite, the guise of limitability, the desire for stop

are there greeters there [are you one] when we former ghosts arrive

is this sea deceptive, as if alive or an                 actor, the world masked

in my own way there was a time when i stumbled over a tense: says/said

now, bereft, in anticipation of how night collapses

into its own effluence i conjugate occasions, ask just for time, just a little time,

to get love right


An excerpt from A Toast in the House of Friends by Akilah Oliver (2008)


To hear recordings of Akilah reading her work visit her PennSound page.


Thank you to my friends at Belladona for sending this along. Thank you to Ms. Oliver to being a mother of language.



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