BNKR Arquitectura

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Esteban Suarez from BNKR Arquitectura in Mexico City. He took me for a brief tour of the newly completed Hotel Filadefila, located across the way from the World Trade Center building. The hotel was built to meet the growing need for commercial housing and long-term business stays in the burgeoning international financial zone of Mexico City. Our meeting was a co-mingling of English and Spanish and of dense architecture thoughts as well as the exuberant explorations in creativity. From the landscape of pizza to the considerations for materials, we managed to fit it all in about an hour’s time.

I am excited by the young firm’s interest in delving into anything they can get their hands on, from civic buildings to religious structures. I am prone to romanticize their Sunset Chapel perched above Acapulco. It reminds me of the work of Louis Kahn for it’s reverence of nature and materials. The cement pour also reminds me of the honesty behind brutalist architecture.

In the next few weeks, I will be reading through their monograph Stop: Keep Moving published by Arquine. The book is full of stories: their built works, competition proposals and their creative process. All this busy energy  in Mexico City architecture is great impetus for greater global acknowledgement.


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