The Fountainhead

 My friend, the brainy mom, Jena Cardova Neumann pushed this book on to me as a must read. How has this book escaped me for so long? I acknowledge this high school reading list novel and the romantic rift between characters that made it a Hollywood Classic with Gary Cooper, but in getting going, I feel it necessary to state my goals in reading this book: I am interested in how a woman writer uses the practice and philosophy of architecture to make a statement about personal vision vs. following tradition.  Ayn Rand is known for her intellectual movement of objectivity and morality. She is quoted in saying “Men need a rational morality.” She is a bad ass and I hope to learn something from her writerly conviction.

So I am on a steady groove in reading and my interest lies in man as creator and man in conversation with convention. I am very happy on this journey of reflection. Have you read this book? Is it a favorite? What value has it brought to your life?


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  1. Dude. Refer to little sister twin on this one.

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