Noshe in the Lower East Side, 2010

Last fall, the German photographer Andreas Gehrke aka Noshe came to NYC for a visit. We are what you consider great admirers of each other’s work and have Luke Abiol in common. Noshe had requested taking urban landscape shots in my Lower East Side neighborhood of the time and I agreed to introduce him to intersections, landmarks, and streets with character. The personality of the LES pours through the unpeopled photos. I am in awe of the detail and silent moments that reveal a peaceful face of this now blistering enclave. I am enchanted with the brick and concrete, the essential materiality that speaks of humanity: postbox, bicycle, wastebasket, telephone booth, hydrant, stop signs. It’s also incredible to note that all shop gates are closed here, as if to serve the purpose of memorializing. These images speak in hushed meanings and venerate our code of loyalty to each other as poet and photographer. Here is our value. Here is our perched perspective. Silent, grand,  wide open, open ended beauty. Our is a collective romance for cities, in their landscapes, in breathing in community minutia. An urban anthropology in photography and meaning.



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2 responses to “Noshe in the Lower East Side, 2010

  1. ditto. these are lovely.

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