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Being a Girl

It’s just one of those days where emotion conflates to nostalgia, heartbreak, euphoria all in quickened montage. Funny how memories do that for you. They remind you of all of those beautiful moments and linger on the broken reality of decay. These days I’d rather reminisce about my grandmother, her stern house rules, her ruthless but entertaining speak, her penchant for color (think hot pink 70s pantsuit and 80s indigo clogs) and patterns galore. This woman I have in my life is a queen. She set a firm example of control, dignity, and the wonders of gelatin. Serious pin-up for handsome nails and thick hair. I digress as I circle contently in florescent polaroid shots of the mind. These next few videos are dedicated to the silliness of grandma Margaret and the steadfast integrity of my sister, Elena, both strong female spirits. The three of us can make a mean batch of nachos, slap our knee in satisfaction, and laugh wholeheartedly at the follies of life.¬†


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Song of the Day: Planet Health

This weekend was a bit much and this song set the tone for it. A lot of a lot going on. The beautiful luxury of plenty. In friends, in sunsets, in family meals, in celebration of entrepreneurship, in memory of old loves, in need of new perspectives. We cheered to the fireworks, the flattery, the flirting, the fuss, the fun, the fever of sumer love.

This song, for so many reasons, is dedicated to the spirit and memory of Tami Le. Something in the sultriness of the voice and music. LOVE YOU EVERYDAY.

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